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Photo ideas for photography?

  1. Contribution from Data Source to do with Fotografia Eventowa :
    Fotografia Eventowa
  2. I jut started photography and need some ideas to take pictures of! :)

    Answer by selina_555
    Inspiration…… I am amazed how often people ask for this.

    How can we know what floats your boat? How can we know what you are actually CAPABLE of?

    There are billions of photos of the internet, you only have to look around to find inspiration.

    If you know what you want, use google images and type in a few key words. If you dont know what you want, perhaps it is time to think about it a little more, THEN google for it.

    Please dont expect a bunch of strangers to be able to read your mind……. many of us are pretty darn clever, but I dont know of any mind readers.

    Think. Google. Look.

    It really is THAT simple – you can do it, Im sure you can!

  3. well i would like to know what are some jobs that i can do that has photography?

    Answer by Bruce M
    other then the ones that are “normal”
    Medical at hospitals
    as part of being a police detective
    insurance / accident / broken product photography

  4. Hi Im a Korean boy who accepted from SVA(school of visual arts) in NY city. Before I go in, I have to take ESL/studio in this summer. and then transfer to the photography class.

    I was wondering that why photography class doesnt use the camera??

    I was thinking that students will learn about photography…

    How SVA photography class teach about??

    Answer by Stewart Johnston
    Photography is about a lot more than a camera.
    A photography class will not teach you how to use a specific camera – they cant do that unless they make all the students buy exactly the same camera and lens set up.

    Learning about photography is about understand how light works, understanding composition, understanding exposure. Youll learn about Fibonacci numbers, rules of thirds, etc.
    Pressing the right button on the camera is probably the easiest bit of photography. Finding the picture and getting it right are the difficult bits, and that is what will be covered in a photography course.
    The course will talk about cameras, it will also talk about processing images, but both of those are or minor importance compared with actually getting the image composed in the first place.

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