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In Search of Compounding Stocks in Uncertain Times

  1. In Search of Compounding Stocks in Uncertain Times
    Event on 2013-07-13 09:00:00

    In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable 'moats'.

    – Warren Buffett

    With unresolved crises on the horizon, investors are often immobilized in making investment decision. Wait for the clouds to clear is the mantra. Value investing appears to provide a way out to see opportunities in cloudy weather by using the cheap price signal to identify out-of-favor neglected stocks and invest in them for reversion back to mean. Hence, pick stocks with cheap valuations based on conventional metrics and ratios how much lower can they go anyway? and they will bounce back up to their historical average levels. Or simply wait for a market dip, or a crash, before declaring some magical list of top ten stock tips to invest in. This is NOT value investing.

    When Li Ning, the Nike of China, announced that its founder is going into industrial park and property development in September 2010, the stock has been a darling, having a competitive moat with brand recognition and it has recovered strongly since its bottom in March 2009 by climbing 140% to HK per share. Oh, it is already expected that the market will react negatively to the property news, now it is down 20% to HK, value stock, be contrarian, BUY! Down another 20% to HK, getting cheaper and its out-of-favor, it will bounce back up, BUY! And the value investor catches the falling knife until below HK now; while Nike hits an all-time high.

    How do value investors distinguish whether cheap stocks are value traps or opportunity? Without an understanding of the underlying business model dynamics and analyzing the durability of the economic moat, an investment decision based on price and macro signals and historical valuation metrics can be misleading and costly. Without an understanding of business model, one would also have sold Wal-mart after it was listed in 1972 as the stock crashed over 60% in the next three years. Wal-mart went on to compound 1,200-fold since 1972 to over US0 billion in market cap a 0,000 investment in Wal-Mart becomes a 0 million treasure trove. So why is Wal-mart able to bounce back to scale new heightsbut the same cannot be said for the Nike of China?

    Can resilient business models – Bamboo Innovators -outperform even in stormy periods? When Shanghai Composite Index crashed 70% from its peak of 6,000 in October 2007 to below 2,000 at the bottom in March 2009, Yunnan Baiyao was UP around 8%. As the index bounce to 2,200, still down 60% from its peak, Baiyao is up over 220% during the same period. Increasingly, such resilient business models are outperforming in Asia and globally; while the cheap stocks get cheaper and they become the fertile ground for insiders () who manipulate prices and volumes and inject action via exciting corporate news announcement of sexy projects or M&As, luring investors in and then offloading to them in a pump-and-dump cycle. Sophisticated value investors can overcome poor and uncertain macro conditions by investing in resilient compounders because they have their own internal rhythm to create value, like the bamboo, which bend, not break even in the wildest of storm that would have snapped the once-mighty oak tree.

    Course Highlights:

    – Mr Kee, one of the few Asian fund manager being invited to speak at a number of top banking & finance conferences around the world alongside with renowned speakers such as Praveen Kadle, Chief Executive Officer of Tata Capital & Lauren Templeton, President of Lauren Templeton Capital Management

    – Learn from an experienced & qualified instructor who has taught in local Universities

    Program Outline and Key Learning Points:

    • LEARN the R.E.S.-ilience factors in the business model and economic moat analysis of how Bamboo Innovators create extraordinary value, particularly the E factor which stands for emptiness in the business model.
    • GAIN the surprising insight of sophisticated institutional investors who understand why growth in sales, profit and tangible asset may not translate to market capitalization growth and sustainable share price gains.
    • ATTAIN the critical knowledge of12 types of sophisticated institutional investors that climbing from million to billion in market cap takes an entirely different business model dynamics as compared to scaling up sustainably from billion to billion in market cap.
    • RECOGNIZE the 12 types of business models and their profit patterns and acquire the ability to scan through different businesses in various industries to understand the key levers for growth ahead of the investment curve.
    • UNDERSTAND why and how businesses hit a stall point in growth and without a transformation in business model, bigger can be riskier. Thus "Grow or Perish" become "GrowAND Perish"
    • DISSECT a wide range of real-world cases of Asian and global Bamboo Innovators in various industries and understand the intricacies of their business models, their critical success – and failure – factors.
    • UNIFY at the end of the day all the previously disparate loose-hanging concepts, descriptive facts and checklists you have learnt from various sources into the practical Bamboo Innovator mental model when it comes to real investment decision-making.

    Understand more about the Instructor's investment approach with the followingpublished articles:

    About the Instructor:

    Koon Boon is the founder and managing director of the Singapore-based Bamboo Innovator Institute to establish the thought leadership of resilient value creators around the world. KB has been rooted in the principles of value investing for over a decade as a fund manager and analyst in the Asian capital markets. He was a fund manager and head of research/analyst at a Singapore-based investment management organization dedicated to the craft of value investing in Asia. He had been with the firm since 2002 and was also part of the core investment committee in significantly outperforming the index in the 10-year-plus flagship Asian fund. He was previously the portfolio manager for Asia-Pacific equities at Koreas largest mutual fund company. He received his Masters in Finance (magna cum laude) and double degree in Accountancy and Business Management (both summa cum laude) from the Singapore Management University (SMU). He had taught accounting at his alma mater in SMU and lectures at SIM University for working professionals. He had published cutting-edge empirical research in the Special Issue of Istanbul Stock Exchange 25th Year Anniversary of the Boazii Journal, Review of Social and Economic Studies, as well as wrote articles about value investing and corporate governance in the media. He had also presented in top banking and finance conferences in Sydney, Cape Town, HK, Beijing and in the recent Emerging Value Summit 2013. He is also an internationally-featured value investor in Greatinvestors.TV and He had trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, CFOs, management executives in business strategy, macroeconomic and industry trends in Singapore, HK and China.

    DISCLAIMER The information provided is not to be considered as a recommendation to buy certain stocks or currencies or instruments and is provided solely as an educational and information resource to help investors make their own decisions. Past performance is no guarantee of future success. It is vital to note that no system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the attached material will guarantee profits or ensures freedom from losses. FE Asia Consultancy Pte Ltd shall not be liable to the participant for any damages, claims, expenses or losses of any kind (whether direct or indirect) suffered by the participant arising from or in connection with the information obtained from the course or instructor.

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  2. Healthy, Wealthy & Wine. Educating & Empowering Women. FREE Event
    Event on 2013-07-09 17:30:00


    Educating and empowering women

    Hear from industry experts about how to identify and prioritise your lifestyle and investment goals; whatever they may be. These sessions will give you the tools you need to make a happier and healthier you.

    Our next expert to get you there:Diana Lazarus and Glenda Laurence – Associates at Rockwell Olivier

    With divorce and relationship breakdown on the rise it's time to understand the facts about the second most stressful life event after the death of a loved one!

    With very special guests family law lawyers, Diana and Glenda, come to provide an insight into the financial consequences of relationship breakdown, they'll dispelled the myths and provide some hints and tips on how to protect your financial independence.

    They will share their knowledge and answer some of the most common questions:

    – What encouragement is there to embark on a relationship?

    – Can I protect my hard-earned assets following a separation?

    – Dividing up the property (or the debts), Separating with children what do I need to know?

    Our panel of guest speakers will also be attending;

    Nicola Styles: Career & Leadership Specialist –Creating the lifestyle you want.

    Lisa Barber: Private Wealth coach HillrossAligning your finances to your passions.

    Melanie Burrows: Stockmarket investment advisor. Bell Potter-Become Stockmarket Savvy.
    Kerstin Glomb: Estate planning Lawyer-Getting the foundations right.

    Join us on the second Tuesday of each month, where you will enjoy inspiring presentations from one of our panel of experts, designed to empower you to be healthier and wealthier over an equally inspiring drop of wine.

    Event Details
    Dates:July 9, 2013
    Time:Networking from 5.30pm 7pm
    Venue:The Republic Hotel, Cnr of Pitt and Bridge Sts, Sydney: Level 2
    The cost:The inspiring drop of wine of your choice from the bar.

    For further information please contact Lisa Barber 0411 161 258 email: or Mary Barker0478 302 414 or

    at The Republic Bar
    Level 2 – Soiree Room
    Sydney, Australia

  3. Tax Planning Silver Workshop with Nina with 1230 TWC
    Event on 2013-07-15 10:30:00

    At Nina Consultancy, Products & Eventswe have always looked for ways to five our Clients both great products with a comblination of brilliant Consultancy services

    Are you a Start-Up, Entrepreneur or Business Owner or Landlord?

    Do you

    Worry about paying too much tax?

    Worry about an HMRC Business Records check?

    Hate red tape?

    Would you like to

    Improve your cashflow?

    Know where you stand on profit each month?

    Simplify record keeping?

    Avoid fines, penalties and investigations?

    Set profitable margins on your products and services?

    Be more financially literate?

    Easier organisation

    Grow the Next level

    You are invited to "Tax Savings & Profit Secrets Silver hosted & presented by Nina Kabra

    Nina Kabra is a Tax & Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author, Mentor, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Founder of Nina UK Property, Nina Consultancy, Products & Events Nina Productions INTL


    Start-ups/ Small Business Owners

    Book-keepers to Small Medium Sized Entreprises


    Property Investors


    Those responsible for submitting their self assessment/tax return

    What You will Learn & Take Away from the course

    Silver Day 2 with Nina Kabra

    "KNOW More so YOU Owe LESS" on your UK Advanced Taxes

    Company Tax made simple

    Capital Gains Tax Hints & Tips

    Value Added Tax Tips

    Tax Planning Strategies

    Inheritance Tax Planning Entrepreneurial Topics

    Raising Your Profile to gain business Gold Day 3 with Nina Kabra Entrepreneurial

    Sales Strategies to convert more Customers

    Boost Business Profits

    Property Management tips for Commercial Property Investors

    Business Planning

    Join us for a tailored service of training and development;

    Take away immediately practical profitable nuggets

    Implement our step by step strategies and techniques

    Get great results

    A fabulous Return on your Investment (ROI)

    Learn about our inclusive VIP programmes of practical help and accountability

    Positive transformations outweighs investment

    Share ideas, inspiration, discussions & feedback

    DATE and TIME: Fourth coming event:

    Monday15th July2013 from 10.30 am to 5.30 pm


    AMP House

    Dingwall Road,




    Croydon is situated 18km (11 miles) to the south of Central London and benefits from fast and frequent road and rail connections. East Croydon station provides excellent rail links to London Victoria, London Bridge, Waterloo and Charing Cross Stations, which give access to the City and West End via the tube and bus network. The fastest journey times by train are Kings Cross, London Vfictoria or London Bridge.


    Booking early and in advance is highly recommended.

    The 3 Day Training Course is valued at 1000

    Please secure your early bird discount by booking Day 1;

    297 for Day 2 & 397 for Day 3


    Nina wants to reward the quick movers and shakers and are ready to act now! To demonstrate her commitment to your success even further, Nina is going to include additional free FAST ACTION bonuses for you worth over 1000 so you receive an incredible value ticket for investing in yourself by participating.

    YOUR LIVE "Tax Saving & Profit" Secrets with Nina Workshop PDF power point presentation slides, Spreadsheets and other handouts worth 149

    Your E-Guide: 7 COSTLY Mistakes Property Investors and Landlords make on Your UK Property Tax Bill & How to Avoid Them with Nina Kabra worth 30

    HOW TO BOOK Please go (or copy and past this link into your web browser) to pay by credit card using paypal. Or simply contact Nina on 07961 799 913 or email her on to reserve your place if you are paying by cheque or cash or direct transfer.


    Just to back that up, if you are not completely satisfied with your Tax Savings & Profit Secrets with Nina Kabra simply say so within the first few hours of the Workshop and you receive a full 100% fee refund.


    With her infectious enthusiasm, Nina fulfils on her compelling promise with her passion, certainty, commitment and desire forming the basis for a partnership from the start. Delivery Express Today's Workshop has been very valuable as we have been able to focus on our current business needs. We feel happier and confident as a result!" It was great, We found the sessions very informative and useful"

    "We have since managed to collate all my VAT figures and taking your advice, I have managed to reduce the original figures by 10,000 being more savvy so thank you so much. Your help was invaluable!"

    We had a great workshop with Nina, she simplified the process making it simple to file tax returns very quickly and efficiently by using special spreadsheets. Since having a meeting with her, we have managed to get a grip with VAT and other issues and we are very pleased with what has been happening

    This brilliant transformation has meant that Delivery Express have saved 10k tax, can focus on setting up brand new brand divisions and taking their business beyond 6 figures in revenues!

    David Properties Ninas expertise has been invaluable to us! She showed us exactly what we could do to minimise our liabilities in a very short space of time, and even managed to get us to organise all of our paperwork so that everything is filed correctly and in the correct order for completing our tax returns.

    Her service is brilliant as what was a really stressful situation only a few short weeks ago, is now completely ordered and up to date, so we can concentrate on the things that matter our family life.


    Nina Kabra Nina is an Award Winning Entrepreneur Mentor, Consultant, Professional Speaker, Landlord and Founder of Nina UK Property, Nina Entrepreneurial services and Nina Productions INTL,

    Nina Kabra is fast becoming regarded as the voice for young women's success.

    Nina has created a dynamic enterprise that is devoted to empowering Property Investors, Landlords, Business Owners and Solopreneurs through her hybrid of consulting and coaching through complimentary and affordable high quality Bronze Tier on-line information products, CDs and DVDs and off-line group training programmes.

    Through her dynamic brand Nina helps her Clients achieve results as they receive her tax saving proven techniques and cash boosting strategies as a result of saying yes to themselves by engaging in Nina Kabra product and services, such that their positive transformation far outweighs their investment in themselves. Over the past 5 years alone, Nina has received the honour of being:

    Rising Star Award Winner 2011 & Young Female Entrepreneur Award Winner 2010 by Life Changer Awards

    International Goldstar Award Winner 2011 and Glory of India Award Winner 2012 & 2010 by India International Friendship Society 2010

    Young Entrepreneur Asian Achievers Award Gold Award finalist 2011 & 09

    Highly Commended for London Archant Business Diversity Awards: 2009

    Guest Editor of PQ Magazine Womens special edition 2007

    Cover star of Asian Voice Magazine 2007 among other honours Venus TV: Nina Kabra on Venus TV, Sky 805,

    Awards Show & her Showreel 2010-11



    Due to the venues limited capacity, booking early and in advance is highly recommended. Please secure your:

    Days 1-3 are valued at 1000 – most small to medium sized Business Owner attendees save this many times over on their taxes

    FAST ACTION Bonus including Power to Achieve ticket with Andy Harrington Nina wants to reward the quick movers and shakers who don't have to think about it, and are beyond question, ready to act now! To demonstrate her commitment to your success even further, Nina is going to include additional free FAST ACTION bonuses for you worth over 1000 as well so you receive an incredible value ticket for investing in yourself by participating so you pay less than half price at only

    97 (best deal) for your "Tax Savings & Profit" Bronze Day 1 Workshop with Nina Kabra

    297 (best deal) for your "Tax Savings & Profit" Silver Day 2 Workshop with Nina Kabra

    You have a limited period online 4-pay option so make sure you do it sooner rather than later. Just remember, you must act ASAP to secure your place as 4-pay for Early Bird Discounted price of 97 which ends soon! Please copy & paste this link to sign up by pay pal: ==>

    Yes! I will pay now to secure my place: Pay by credit card using paypal or email or call Nina on 07961799913 to reserve your place if you are paying by cheque or cash or direct transfer.

    Many thanks, Nina Consultancy and Products team

    Nina Kabra BA Honours, CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting Tax & Business Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author, Mentor, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Founder of Nina UK Property, Nina Consultancy

    at AMP House
    Dingwall Road
    Ging Tay Cro, Viet Nam

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